Case Studies

Mallards Estate Orchard 2017-2018

This extensive project incorporates various features, including 5m high retaining wall, floating stiles, steps, bee terrace and paths. All completed using only dry stone technique. The orchard is now in the process of being planted with trees showcasing apples from across the world. Mallards is a private estate with botanical gardens situated on the Isle of Man.


Grand Saint Bernard 2016 - 2020

Situated on the Swiss Italian border, Grand Saint Bernard Monastery sits 2200m above sea level on a natural pass that has been used by travellers for thousands of years. We assisted Urs Lippert Stone Works over a period of five years in this extremely challenging environment.


Oakenshaw, Durham Boundary 2015

Using reclaimed stone we built this extensive boundary with drystone including garden entrance, gated property entrance with various features. Once the Boundary was completed we then constructed the tower below using lime mortar.


Consett Boundary 2021

An example of our work using traditional lime mortar. The brief was to deconstruct and source reclaimed stone to increase wall height then completely rebuild with entrance pillars incorporating contemporary steel gates.


Mallards Estate Potagè Garden 2019

Nestled in the Mallards Estate, Isle of Man the potager garden is another example of our work in the botanical gardens.


Woodside, Hartlepool Garden 2012

Our first major project, a full garden remodel including extensive walls, garden entrance, pitched stone flooring, circular beds, seating all built in dry stone.

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