Carroll and Mullan StoneWork

We believe in vernacular traditional stonework and where possible advise the use of locally sourced stone. We specialise in traditional techniques such as dry stone, random rubble walling and lime mortar using our knowledge to create work which has integrity and character. These techniques passed down from generation to generation provide an energy efficient solution, have less impact on nature whilst also complimenting the local surrounding.

We can design and conceive specialist indoor and outdoor features that can transform any space. By using raw materials with emphasis on craftsmanship, artistic intent, philosophy and work ethic, we believe that our techniques are longer lasting and provide a un-paralleled aesthetic when compared to their modern counterparts.

Professional Information

We are professional members of the Dry Stone Walling Association Great Britain

and are fully qualified dry stone wallers. Since 2010 we have been part of, and worked on,  various award winning and prestigious projects:

2010 - Carroll and Mullan StoneWork established

2011 - Exhibit Dry Stone technique at the 2011 World Skills Fair London

2012 - Worked with Andrew Loudon on Isle of Skye Sanctuary Project. Project receives DSWA pinnacle award.

2012 - Begin professional association with Terrence Lee conservation working on pre 1919 buildings using traditional lime mortars.

2013 - Worked with Andrew Loudon on Brackenrigg Project. Project receives DSWA pinnacle award.

2014 - Professional association with Urs Lippert Stone Works begins, working on various projects in the Pays D'enhaut Valley Switzerland in particular Rougemont Hotel.

2015 - Work on the Fribourg Monastery of the D'cordelliars, Swiss world heritage site.

2016 - Start of 5 year project at the Grand Saint Bernard Monastery repairing walls that protect a vital water source, altitude 2200 metres on the Swiss Italian Border

2016 - Carroll and Mullan receive contract for Mallards estate Isle of Man botanical gardens. Work includes extensive apple orchard, amphitheatre and various other features and gardens.

2017 - Begin work on Isle of Man Mallards Estate which is still on going. 

2020 - Work at Grand Saint Bernard completed. 

2021 - Begin Work restoring 200 year old alpine barn used for producing cheese the traditional way in L'etiva Switzerland