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Retaining Wall

2015 Durham

A structural engineer had visited this property and concluded that a dry stone retaining wall was the best course of action to retain the garden.

Dry stone is perfect for retaining earth as it drains water freely reliving pressure through the entire structure. Furthermore the garden could now be levelled making it far easier to plant and maintain.

Designed by C&M StoneWork

Gallery, Rougemont Hotel etc.

2014 Switzerland Pays d’enhaut

Over a period of 4 months we worked with Stoneworks Lippert ltd on a number of fantastic projects.

Unfortunately we cannot showcase all the projects we worked on as the client requested that we sign a confidentiality contract.

Here we have shown some examples of the work completed, primarily the Rougmeont Hotel nestled deep in the Pays d’enhaut valley in the heart of the Swiss alps.

Stone Cladding

2014 Richmond-Upon-Thames London

We were approached by Riverdale Stone Masonry Ltd to help them with an extensive project in Richmond Upon Thames London.

Over five years in planning before a single stone was laid, the job entailed around 1000 square metres of dry stone cladding.