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Quality that Lasts a Lifetime

Carroll & Mullan StoneWork offer traditional and bespoke building services for both private and commercial clients. Our dedicated team can provide a wide variety of services including:

- Dry Stone                             Walling, Sculpture, Consultations, Training  

- Masonry                               Lime Mortar, Restoration, Stone Cladding

- Traditional                           Cobbling, Setts, Pebble, Patterns, Mosaic

- Bespoke                                Internal and External Installations, Features

C&M are fully qualified Dry Stone Waller’s and professional members of the U.K. Dry Stone Walling Association.

Working with our associate Terrence Lee Conservation © we can also provide comprehensive professional support forwork involving pre 1919 stone and brick structures:

Our policy is to give all projects, whether large or small, new-build or restoration our undivided attention, from field and garden walls to artistic installations our work is always completed with a high emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. We design and build interior and exterior stone features working with raw natural materials to provide a cost effective alternative to modern counterparts.

- Consultancy on traditional brick structures

- Consolidation of  stonework

- Restoration of traditional brick & stonework'

Through our professional association we can provide:

C&M take pride in our environmental approach, our commitment to good practice and health and safety. We assess each project on an individual basis, ensuring we adhere to all current and relevant legislation. We believe excellent health and safety is fundamental to the success of our projects and always adhere to the regulations contained within The Health and Safety at work Act 1974. Ensuring all our team have received adequate training and have the right skills for the job, as well as completing risk assessments and implementing safety procedures. We always comply with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 ensuring high standards of health and safety, risk and site management.

“Terrence Lee is a craftsman, tutor and lecturer specialising in the history, use and conservation of traditional brickwork.  Qualified as a City & Guilds Advanced Craft Bricklayer with experience in construction projects around the world as a Royal Engineer, Terrence went on to gain an honours degree in history and later a Master’s Degree in Historic Environment Conservation”                   Architecture.com

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